Andy is the victim selective enforcement. Click on upper left/or right arrow of document.
There are more than 30 known logging, recycling, and/or firewood businesses in the vicinity of A.J. Acosta Company’s current operations which are not currently known to have a Conditional Use Permit mandated by the County of San Bernardino. Some of them are commercially zoned, others residential zoned, but none of which are IC1 zoned.

Many of the commercially zoned parcels have similar operations to the breadth of operations historically performed, and covered by the IC1 zoning possessed by the A.J. Acosta Company’s North Shore property, thereby rendering them as improperly zoned.

Many are residential, and by definition improperly zoned. The following are examples. Commercially zoned businesses adjacent to A.J. Acosta Company’s North Shore yard which are not IC1 zoned nor were they mandated by the County of San Bernardino to apply for, nor do they possess a Conditional Use Permit. (AJ Acosta on left-Note the apparent height of piles on several properties to the right.)

We don't know why Andy Acosta has been singled out by the County of San Bernardino. 

Andy's North Shore property is the only logging, recycling, and/or firewood business with a IC-1 Community Industrial zoning.

AJ Acosta Company is a minority owned business. Andy Acosta has Hispanic and Native American ancestry. His company only hires legal workers.

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