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Acosta Bankruptcy Halts Property Auction

Posted on 02/28/2014 Written by RICK HERRICK
Big Bear City, CA 2/28/2014 6:30 pm  - According to owner of A.J. Acosta Tree Service, Andy Acosta today filed personal and business bankruptcy in federal court.  This has resulted in halting the auction of his property on North Shore for now, which was scheduled to begin Saturday March 1, 2014.  According to Mr. Acosta, federal bankruptcy was necessary as application of the state law in this matter was not properly applied by the state judge overseeing this matter.    The organizers of the auction believe that the filing of the bankruptcy will only delay the sale of the property but in the end a sale will take place. . . . READ MORE 


Judge rejects Big Bear Lake contractor’s plea to stall property sale 

By Joe Nelson, The Sun 
Posted: | SAN BERNARDIN0 >> A San Bernardino Superior Court judge on Friday rejected Big Bear Lake contractor Andy “A.J.” Acosta’s plea to halt the sale of his property, allowing an auction to proceed as scheduled on March 1.Despite an assurance by Acosta’s attorney, Robert Ziprick, that Acosta has finally buttoned down a location where he can move his heavy equipment, Judge David Cohn denied Ziprick’s motion requesting that Cohn reconsider his Jan. 24 order for a receiver to sell at auction everything on Acosta’s property at 1000 North Shore Drive.
Cohn told Ziprick he had not brought forth any new facts or law in the case to persuade him to reverse his order.
Cohn’s decision came as no surprise to Acosta.
“I kind of expected this, because (Cohn’s) not going to change his mind,” Acosta said Friday. “He was very short. He really didn’t want to listen to much.”
Acosta, 50, and San Bernardino County sued each other in a dispute over....READ MORE______________________________________

"BIG BEAR LAKE >> For more than 30 years, Andy Acosta has been a pillar of this mountain resort community. 

With the resources provided by his 34-year-old business, A.J. Acosta Co., Acosta has hoisted cars out of steep canyons and ravines, cleared snow and debris from highways and roads, cleared trees for ski runs at Snow Summit Ski Resort, and sold firewood to keep local residents warm.
But now, Acosta’s business is imperiled. He stands to lose it all after a San Bernardino Superior Court judge ordered a receiver take possession of Acosta’s equipment storage yard at 1000 North Shore Drive and sell all his property at auction on March 1, the proceeds of which will go toward bringing Acosta’s property into compliance with county codes.

“They are killing this company. If they sell my property at auction, my company is done,” Acosta, 50, said Thursday outside the storage yard, which he has been banned from by order of the court.. . . READ MORE 

KBHR Radio, Big Bear Lake, CA: Reporter Rick Herrick interviews Andy Acosta of A.J. Acosta Company regarding County of San Bernardino Seizure of his equipment and property at 1000 North Shore Dr. in Big Bear.

Andy Acosta of A.J. Acosta Company (L) 
being interviewed by Rick Herrick (R) of Big Bear Lake,
CA radio station KBHR,  Feb 5, 2014
Andy Acosta (Joaquin Andres Acosta) interviewed by Rick Herrick of KBHR, Big Bear Lake, California, regarding his 1000 North Shore Drive address, the ONLY zoned Industrial Commercial property in the Big Bear Valley a talk with Andy about what is going on regarding San Bernardino County's efforts to seize millions of dollars of Acosta's business equipment and sell it at auction March 1, 2014.
Clicking on the link will download MP3 recording


Judge seizes Acosta property 

The Big Bear Grizzly, Big Bear Lake, CA
Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 5:00 am

By JUDI BOWERS Reporter |

"Andy Acosta has been locked out of his property on North Shore Drive. A judge named a receiver and approved all personal property on the site to be sold at auction.

Acosta, who owns and operates A.J. Acosta Company Inc., a firewood and tree service company in Big Bear Lake, has been battling with San Bernardino County regarding the North Shore Drive site for 20 years. “I’m not going to give up the fight,” Acosta says.

On Jan. 24, Judge David Cohn signed an order approving the receiver’s proposed rehabilitation plan and cost estimate for the site, and allowed the receiver to begin the sale of personal property on the site to pay for the rehabilitation costs. The original order was issued in February 2012, followed by a judgement and order in May 2012 and more legal stipulations in October 2013. 

The most recent order allows for the court-appointed receiver, Eric P. Beatty of S-B Asset Partners LP, to take possession of the property and each item of personal property on the North Shore site. The items include, but aren’t limited to, vehicles, heavy equipment, roll-offs, trailers, construction equipment and more. . . . READ MORE

Slow Going

The crew at A.J. Acosta takes its time moving a house through a narrow portion of Canyon Crest in Moonridge on Dec. 5, 2013
Big Bear Grizzly  Posted: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 5:00 am
By KATHY PORTIE Reporter | 0 comments

Andy Acosta doesn’t believe in wasting a good thing, especially if that thing is a classic, well-built home. The owner of A.J. Acosta Company Inc., which has been hired to tear down old Big Bear Valley homes on numerous occasions, believes in saving many of them by moving the buildings to another property. . . . READ MORE


Highway 18, West of the Dam, Still Closed as of Friday Morning — Update: Now Open!

Crews have continued to work ’round the clock to clear avalanche snow from the Arctic Circle portion of Highway 18, between the Big Bear Dam and Snow Valley, in hopes of having to roadway open to weekend traffic—though, for the time being, the front grade of Highway 18 remains closed. Keep it tuned to KBHR 93.3 FM today, as we will bring you updates on the re-opening of Highway 18 and our road conditions as information becomes available. As emergency snow removal contractor Andy Acosta told us yesterday, “We’re going to keep working until they tell us to stop, or the road is opened.”. . . . Update: We have some very exciting news on our road situation as of this afternoon. Despite Governor Schwarzenegger’s mandated Friday furloughs for CalTrans employees, local CalTrans crews, as well as the Big Bear-based A.J. Acosta Company, have worked tirelessly to clear the Arctic Circle portion of Highway 18 of avalanche snow, and as of noon today, Highway 18 is officially re-opened! Highway 18 had been closed since Monday, due to avalanches which resulted in snow drifts as deep as 15 feet on the seven-or-so mile stretch from the Big Bear Dam to Snow Valley.. . .  . Despite Governor Schwarzenegger’s mandated Friday furloughs for CalTrans employees, local CalTrans crews, as well as the Big Bear-based A.J. Acosta Company, have worked tirelessly to clear the Arctic Circle portion of Highway 18 of avalanche snow, and as of noon today, Highway 18 is officially re-opened! READ MORE

Highway 18′s “Arctic Circle” Slammed With Big Winter Storm

highway-18-snow1The A.J. Acosta Company has been at work on re-opening the Arctic Circle portion of Highway 18, since being hired by CalTrans Monday afternoon to remove snow drifts (some as deep as 30 feet) resulting from avalanches on the morning of February 9. The crew from the Acosta Company worked ’round the clock last night, in hopes of having the roadway … [Read more...]


Pictures of Big Bear Dropping Dead Giants

At Sleepy Forest Cottages, A.J. Acosta Company was brought in on September 15 to drop two trees over 100 feet tall. situated just above (and leaning over) two cabins. Both trees were dying and rotting inside.
Click on any picture to zoom in. READ MORE

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