Friday, April 25, 2014

Update on the San Bernardino County Land Grab

The actions of the County of San Bernardino have pushed A. J. Acosta Company and Andy Acosta into Bankruptcy. By locking Andy out of his construction yard at 1000 North Shore Drive, Andy has not been able to work for over 80 days. Imagine closing any business down for over 80 days. It's been financially devastating.

As terrible on the business as this has been, the March 1st auction of millions of dollars of A. J. Acosta company's heavy equipment was averted (for now) as the bankruptcy court issues are proceeding.

Yet, the County of San Bernardino hold's Andy's 1000 North Shore Drive construction yard under lock and key. As of this week, Andy can access his equipment from his land only with a court order. Prior to this January lockout, Andy's heavy equipment was kept in good working order.  Most all items the Auctioneer pulled from the protection of Andy's metal containers and spread on the ground in preparation for the forced auction where left exposed to the harsh winter elements for almost 3 months. Boxes of teak furniture are water damaged. Many other items are missing and never even made the auction list. $500 batteries, tool boxes, heavy metal chains and truck accessories and more have vanished while under the "protection" of the San Bernardino Court appointed Receiver and the Auctioneer. 

The government seized Andy's land and business tools and have created loss and damage in the process.

Andy's employees and their families have suffered with him. Andy has done everything he can to keep much of his crew working.  In this economy and in the town of Big Bear Lake, not many of the other heavy equipment, construction and tree service business are hiring. Good jobs can be hard to get. 

The County of San Bernardino's punitive and land grabbing policies towards A. J. Acosta Company have caused a ripple effect of hardship on hard-working American families. 

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