Monday, April 28, 2014

San Bernardino County Trying to Overturn Bankruptcy and Seize Millions of Dollars of Andy Acosta's Equipment - Court Date Tuesday, April 29th

San Bernardino County attorneys Mark Strain, Mathew Marnell (his boss) and the attorney for Eric Beatty, the county appointed Receiver, are attacking Joaquín Andres (Andy) Acosta again in court this Tuesday, April 28th. Mark Strain and colleagues will be asking the Federal Bankruptcy court to overturn Andy's bankruptcy so that the County of San Bernardino can continue with the seizure and auction of over 10 million dollars worth of Andy's business equipment and then seize his 6 acre industrial zoned property at 1000 North Shore Drive in Big Bear Lake, CA.

What terrible infraction did Andy Acosta commit to warrant this punitive government land grabbing action? The County of San Bernardino said that his 1000 North Shore Drive construction yard was an eyesore and then under the  oversight of Judge David Cohn, created "clean-up" judgements that were impossible to comply with and remain in business. They insisted he remove all equipment AND his inventory of mulch, topsoil and asphalt and return the land to it's "native" condition. A judgement that is impossible to fulfill and remain in business.

When he couldn't do that, they locked up his yard, seizing his inventory AND his equipment. The A. J. Acosta company's work ground to a standstill. The yard's been locked for over 80 days. The County of San Bernardino's government land grab is a mix of expensive litigation paired with starving Andy out by not letting him work and destroying Andy Acosta's business.

Andy says that his North Shore property is not the worst industrial property in the Big Bear Valley. In fact, his soil was tested by the County in November of 2013 and passed the test, with NO evidence of fluorocarbons.  

In Andy's opinion the issue of aesthetics as applied to an industrial property in an industrial zone is merely an excuse to seize his business and property and destroy everything he's built for over 30 years.

You can see by looking at the Government Land Grab page, that this latest issue is part of an almost 20 year struggle with the County over Andy's property rights and ability to freely conduct his business. 


  1. I used to be sympathetic to Andy's cause but his "Auction Cancelled - Up Yours" banner is a real one fingered salute to the people in this community who have almost unanimously supported him. It's tacky and classless. I'm disappointed in you, Andy.

  2. Actually, Anonymous, the Kilroy Was Here... icon is a traditional wartime symbol that was first used in WWII. Often when the American soldiers took or liberated a town, village or city from the Germans and Japanese enemy. It is a symbol of perseverance in the name of what is good and right. It's not a one fingered salute to the community. Check out "Kilroy Was Here" on Google.
    I am very grateful for the support of the citizens of Big Bear Lake. They have been amazing.