Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Auction Cancelled! A. J. Acosta Company Awaits Next Court Decision

Government Land Grab of AJ Acosta Company property in Big Bear Lake, CA. Andy and Crew have emptied his heavy equipment from the site and await further court actions.

The auction of A. J. Acosta Company's equipment is cancelled! With only 20 days ordered by the Court, Andy and his amazing crew were able to remove over 5,000 items off of his 6 acre construction zoned property (1000 North Shore Dr., Big Bear City).

Andy was able to find places mostly down the hill for most of the equipment on the site. Unfortunately, there are no other properly zoned property's available in Big Bear Lake other than his actual property to put his heavy equipment, attachments, etc.

The Big Bear Valley is a unique geographic area in Southern California. The elevation of about 6,800 feet and the steep mountain passes combine to give the town of Big Bear Lake an insular quality, like an island. The isolation is both social and physical. There is no large television station and crew, the newspaper is weekly and small town politics can flourish in isolation. Terrific mountain storms or forest fires often isolate the Big Bear Lake valley even more.

Historically, Andy Acosta and his crew have contributed greatly to fire suppression, snow removal and removal of fallen trees blocking the Valley's roads. Since 1989, Andy has personally led his crew 19 times to clear the highway access into and out of Big Bear after huge snows blocked the roads and Cal Trans could not get into the area.

Of course, by having to move much of his equipment off of the hill (Big Bear), it is very difficult for the A. J. Acosta Company to continue serving the community of Big Bear Lake, but they are still working and Andy's Big Bear Boulevard office and wood yard location is open. You can purchase cord wood at A. J. Acosta Co at 42112 Big Bear Blvd. Call Andy and his crew for tree removal.

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